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The Vose Galleries Inc. Boston had its beginnings in Providence, Rhode Island in 1841 as an Art Supply store, and over the course of five generations, and through many moves, it has survived to become the oldest family-owned Art Gallery in America.

The extensive history of the Gallery is something Bob Vose looked forward to documenting for years, but it was only after his retirement in 1985 that he was able, with his assistant Nancy Grinnell, to put all his time and energy for the next ten years into the project.  Fortunately, the Galleries’ archives contained a great deal of information relating to its early history.  For many years Bob organized this material, anticipating this book.

From selling art supplies in Providence to selling major works of art required a special kind of genius.  Bob relates the story of his family and the business with pride, and with a frankness that details bad times as well as good.  His relief at finally bringing the firm out from under years of debt is palpable.  The Voses not only had the taste to recognize what was good, they had the drive to learn and to master a business that would allow them to make livings out of what they loved doing.

The Memoirs of Robert Churchill Vose, Jr. are fascinating to read.  Those who did not know him will read this book and learn.  Those who were lucky enough to be touched by him will read his book and cherish refreshed memories as they leaf through pages that bring back his voice.

This special book is now available for purchase.  It is 368 pages, beautifully illustrated, and archivally printed on Forest Stewardship Council-Certified Paper.


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